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Jason Anderson Technology, L.L.C. (Owner) would like to welcome you to our site. The following terms and conditions will be updated at our discretion at anytime without notice to you. By using our website you are agreeing to our terms of service and are bound to the provisions provided herein.


FreeCommentScript.com (website) provides a small snippet of JavaScript code that users are allowed to copy and paste on their web pages. This small snippet of code allows websites to communicate with our servers in order to retrieve user uploaded content. As such, all programming and code provided by the website is provided AS-IS. Our users acknowledge that Owner is not responsible for mis-use of this website or content created or uploaded by the users. All activity on this website shoud be deemed as the sole responsibility of its users. We cannot be held responsible for what users do. Therefore it is up to the users to follow our guidelines and perform within the laws governing. Our services include but are not limited to the website and any software created by Owner or its affiliates.


By submitting data to our website in any way, you are aware of the threats of passing data over the internet regardless of how secure a connection. Furthermore, you are confirming that these threats may exist and the Owner is not responsible for any exposed information outside of our control. However, we agree not to share information about our users unless one of the following conditions are met, 1.) We are asked to do so by court order. 2.) A government or higher power orders us to. 3.) Employees or hired services require access. 4.) Ownership of Free Comment Script is transferred to another party. 5.) We are provided written or verbal consent by you to do so. 6.) The owner decides it to be necessary.


Upon purchasing a subscription you will be provided a generated password. It is your responsibility to change this password upon logging in for the first time. This password is the responsibility of the user to maintain confidentiality and keep hidden. Furthermore, you agree to notify support@freecommentscript.com of any breach of security or uninvited access to your account. You are also required to exit each session after using the website. The Owner cannot and will not be held responsible for any liability for loss or damages arising from your failure to comply with this section.


By using our website you are agreeing to our code of conduct. You are also agreeing to comply with Federal and State Laws of the United States government (governing body). By accessing or using the website you agree not to upload any illegal, innappropriate, misleading, spam, junk, solicited, patented, unauthorized works, copyright, trademark, or otherwised deemed as unfit data. Should users be unaware of the legality of uploading such data it is their responsibility to receive approval by the governing body or perform the research required. Any information uploaded is the responsibility of you. Furthermore, the Owner is not responsible for any damages or liability in loss of uploading such information.


You may terminate your account with this website at any time. Furthermore, Owner may terminate your account at any point for any reason. Should you decide to terminate your account it is your responsibility to use the features provided in order to deactivate the account or contact us to do so.


All provisions provided by website are considered to be property of Owner and protected under copyright laws. Any use of articles or provisions of the website is not allowed unless written permission is received by Jason Anderson Technology, L.L.C..

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